Why Wild Planet Foodservice?

Why Wild Planet Foodservices?

Wild Planet sustainably caught wild albacore and skipjack have tremendous benefits for foodservice operators,
solving many issues faced in your businesses and institutions. Menuing the Wild Planet brand tells your
customers that you care about the quality of food you serve and are sourcing in an environmentally
responsible way.


We provide a value-add to any customer due to our industry leading stature for quality & sustainability. Patrons are rewarding sustainably minded foodservice operators by seeking out seafood endorsed by leading environmental organizations like the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® Program and are willing to pay more for it.


Many of our cooked once Albacore and Skipjack tuna products feature single bowl solutions and no-drain formats that ensure you save labor costs and time by reducing or even eliminating operational steps. They are ready for your restaurant to use, right out of the packaging, delivering 100% yield.


Our products that are cooked just once in the packaging capture all the natural flavor, juices & highly nutritious Omega 3 oils. There’s no added water, broth or pyrophosphates.


For our once cooked products, when the can or pouch is opened, the juices are mixed back into the tuna so 100% of the product is usable, delivering up to 37% more servings in each can or pouch than conventionally packed tuna products. Wild Planet’s yields improve portion control with a much higher quality product. All of which means more profit for your foodservice operation.


Because these once cooked cans and pouches contain 100% tuna, waste is dramatically reduced.


Wild Planet’s once cooked method mitigates the need for draining, eliminating cross contamination. The result is a greater level of food safety.


We also offer tuna traditionally packed in water which requires draining, but is also 100% pole & line caught, offers clean labelling, and simple three-ingredient format: tuna, water and salt.


Due to our quality, flavor and freshness, our products are appropriate ingredients in a much wider variety of recipes offering multiple applications and menu versatility


Our once cooked pouch products reduce the potential for workplace injuries by eliminating the need for a can opener.


Our canned format enables conservation of premium storage space, unlike refrigerated or frozen products that are considered “high rent” due to limited square footage and energy costs
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The National Restaurant Association has ranked environmental sustainability as #1 for the current culinary trend that will be the hottest 10 years from now. Source: National Restaurant Association
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Over 60% of consumers say they are likely to choose a restaurant based on its level of environmental friendliness. Source: National Restaurant Association
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Nearly 70% of U.S. consumers say it is important the foods they purchase are produced in a sustainable way.  Source: IFIC Consumer Perceptions of Food Technology
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Consumers prefer 3 to 1, Wild Fish/Seafood over “Farmed” Source: ASMI Survey

Wild Planet was founded and operates on a 100% sustainable business model. We are committed to providing the very best seafood in ways that will ensure the protection and conservation of our planet’s vital fisheries.

When it comes to choosing a tuna product for your operation, it’s our hope that you will make sure the supplier operates in a 100% sustainable manner. Many of the large processors may offer pole and line caught tuna, but they also sell other tuna or seafood products that are not harvested in a sustainable way, in order to increase profitability and volume.

Wild Planet stands for a balance between producing healthy food while at the same time maintaining a flourishing planet. We believe that operating as responsible stewards and promoting an environmentally sensitive way of life will serve to boost our planet’s natural food production output and its ability to sustain harvesting. That is the WILD WAY. Since 2004, we have searched the world to bring you nothing but the finest quality, 100% sustainably caught seafood for all of our packaged products. Wild Planet tuna is sourced exclusively from Pole and Troll catch fisheries, and never those using purse seine or long-line gear. The world’s leading eco-organizations, including The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® Program, Greenpeace and Fishwise, all rate Pole and Troll Fishing as the best catch method for sustainability. Our commitment to these fisheries guides our mission: to provide market driven change in global harvest practices, as well as impact consumer choices in seafood consumption through education.

How Was Your Tuna Caught?

How fish are caught - Pole and Line Fishing, Troll Fishing, Purse Seine Fishing, FADS and Lone-line Fishing.

The Pillars of Sustainability

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The BIOMASS of fish is healthy and not overfished
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The HABITAT is not damaged by the fishing method
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The CATCH METHOD is free from excessive by-catch of juvenile fish and other non-targeted species