Who We Serve


Restaurants love Wild Planet because we provide markedly better tasting products, whose quality lends itself to wider menu options.  Discerning patrons appreciate the benefits that Wild Planet brings to the table.

Hospitality organizations like hotels and resorts love the superior yield from our once cooked seafood (over 37% more servings compared to conventionally twice cooked products) and better quality.


Corporate clients know that workplace lifestyle and associated benefits can drive loyalty and continuity. By using premium brand products like Wild Planet, employees tend to stay at the corporate campus facilities for lunch, fostering teamwork and relationships among key people in the organization.


Educational institutions from primary schools to universities are finding that sustainability is a key issue among students (and their parents) from an attitude standpoint. And among higher education, the competition for students and renowned faculty has never been higher, so issues like this take on even more gravity. Having an industry pioneer like Wild Planet on the menu speaks volumes as to the educational institution being in touch with their population.


Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehab centers, and other healthcare facilities all really understand the need for both high quality and economy that Wild Planet delivers. For those residents who crave good food and high nutritive value, Wild Planet provides quality products that are rich in Omega 3 and low in sodium. For facility Administrators requiring high quality at a reasonable cost, the high yield afforded by Wild Planet seafood strikes a great balance.