Menuing with Wild Planet

Simple. Sustainable. Downright Sensational.

Menuing the Wild Planet brand tells customers you care about the quality of the food you serve and are passionate about providing the very best in an environmentally responsible way. Its high yield and broad recipe applications mean serving Wild Planet is simply smart business.

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Why They Chose Wild Planet?

In our search for a 100% responsibly sourced tuna, Wild Planet stood above the rest.

Today’s customers are looking for responsibly sourced foods. Switching to Wild Planet tuna was a win-win. Our customers enjoy a high quality, great tasting product while we gain recognition for making the right choice for the environment. Plus, Wild Planet’s support made for an easy transition to a product that sells itself.

Jacob Powers
Safeway NorCal Division

Quality, sustainability, yield and ease of use are all real positive benefits for us.

The quality of food is everything at Beach Hut Deli. When we compared Wild Planet once-cooked albacore with the water-packed tuna we used before, the quality was undeniable. And because you mix the natural juices into the tuna, it gives you many more servings, tastes naturally better, and is always moist and delicious. Plus being sustainably sourced, it’s a difference our customers recognize and are willing to pay more for.

Jordan Klawiter, Troy Feist
Dude Beach Hut Deli, LLC

From the color to the flavor to the aroma, the quality blew us away.

We cut Wild Planet against our current brand and from the moment we opened the can the difference was clear. Wild Planet tuna not only exceeds our high standards for quality, it also helps to meet our ‘healthy option’ and sustainability goals. I would highly recommend Wild Planet to any foodservice professional.

Steven K. Oleson
Stanford Health
Stanford University
Wild Planet Once-Cooked Processing Method delivers More Nutrition, more servings and more profit. 1 - Wild tuna is 100% sustainably pole and line caught. 2 - The tuna is frozen aboard the boat and then transferred to our processing facility. 3 - Tuna loins are cleaned, triummed and hand packed into cans or pouches with a touch os sea salt. No salt varieties simply contain one ingredient - tuna. 4 - The tuna is cooked just once in its own packaging - capturing all the natural flavor, juices and nutrition Omega-3 oils. 5 - The shelf stable packages are labeled and transported to market. 6 - When the package is opened, the natural juices are mixed back into the tuna. 100% of the contents are usable.

Why Wild Planet Foodservice?

Wild Planet sustainably pole & line caught wild albacore and skipjack have tremendous benefits for food service operators, solving many issues you face in your businesses and institutions. Menuing the Wild Planet Foods brand tells your restaurant customers that you care about the quality of food you serve and are sourcing in an environmentally responsible way.

Delectable And Sustainable!

Seafood Differently.

Our 100% sustainably pole & line caught wild seafood products are nutritionally dense, lower in mercury, and certified non-GMO. Wild Planet – one of the most venerable brands in the natural foods industry –is available for foodservice applications.

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